BugAid, a Visual Studio debugger add-on. A quick review.




I spend a lot of development time in Visual Studio (VS) and I am a fan of using any product which increases my productivity and makes my work more fun. That's why I use products like Resharper, Tabs Studio & Mole 2010. These are commercial products I purchased. I also use some free add-ons like RightHand Dataset Visualizer which is the best dataset visualizer around. (Even though it's 35M! The author uses third party components which are packaged into a single dll)


Recently I came across a new add-on called BugAid from bugaidsoftware.com. It's an add-on for Visual Studio's debugger inline watch and adds some nice features to it. It's still in beta and this review is based on version 0.5.1206.6134_456.


Some of the features which BugAid adds:

  • Star important members. Show properties you're interested in at the top of the watch window including properties from base classes. More...

Everything - Search files or folders instantly and see updates in real time (Windows)




Everything is a very simple small tool and it does its job perfectly. It's searches for files and folders and get instant. I prefer it over the built-in Windows search. It's super fast and it works in real time. If a software is creating new files, I can see what's being created in real time. For example I can know which files are being created and deleted during an installation.

I use it mostly to locate files. There are many times when I forget where a certain file is located or I don't remember the full name of a file. Everything helps me find it in seconds using wildcards ore regular expressions. I can sort by file name or date or size and pinpoint which file I am interested in. I open different files many times during the day and instead of wading through folders in the open file dialog, I locate the file using Everything and right-click and copy its full path and paste in the dialog. Save me a few seconds. Using tools to shave seconds from every operation during the day adds up a lot. Don't underestimate the time savings. I always seek to be highly productive, even in the mundane daily tasks.

Everything also helps me locate duplicate files. For example when I am searching for a certain file and instantly notice I have more than one copy of it. It helps me also troubleshoot issues when a piece of software is actually using the wrong version or wrong location of a file.

It's a tool which is useful in ever increasing disk drive sizes and having potentially millions of files scattered all over the place.


Reasons why I don't like the Bose QuietComfort Headphones




You can read other more elaborate reviews on other sites about the different Bose QuietComfort headphones but I wanted to write my own personal unflattering experience with these headphones. I purchased both QuietComfort 15, the first generation I think and the next generation QuietComfort 2. After trying sound isolating headphones from different companies, I have to say that I am not impressed with the Bose headphones. I haven't been using any Bose headphones for years now. What I use now are earphones from Etymotic. I think they make the best earphones.

Why I don't like the Bose QuietComfort headphones:

1- Pricy. Why is it impossible to find any for less than $299!?  I couldn't find ANY discounted ones anywhere. The newer QuietComfort 3 are $349. They are not getting cheaper any day. I bought tens of gadgets and I use comparison shopping sites, like bizrate, to find the best prices. These sites quote the same price ($299 or $349) for the Bose headphones. What do you call the situation when you can't find a product for less than the retail price? Price fixing? I find it odd that Amazon, whose prices are usually lower than retail, sells them for more than retail price. Good luck finding any new QuietComforts for less than $299 at a store.

2- Older models are not getting cheaper. Why is the first generation model still being sold for $299 when two newer models, 2 & 3, are out? Model 2 is selling for the same price as the first gen model. This makes no sense to me.

3- Compared to ear phones, they are bulky. After using earphones, earphones are a lot more comfortable than headphones which sit on your head and have some weight. Would you rather go to the gym or walk in the streets wearing headphones or wearing light barely visible earphones.

4- Earphones are more comfortable. After using the Bose cushion-your-ears for extended periods of time, my exterior parts of my ears "get tired" as if they need a break.

5- I can hear the Bose headphones "working" doing its noise cancelling workout. The whole experience doesn't feel natural to me. It's artificial. Sometimes I hear 'popping' sounds which are intrusive and annoying.

6- The earphones which fit inside my ear canals do a better job in noise cancellation than some big battery operated headphones. And not any earphones. I don’t like the ones from Apple where the circular body sits outside the ear canal. I hate these. Pretty uncomfortable. I like the ones with silicone flange which isolate the ear canal with a comfortable fit, again like the ones from Etymotic which also comes with other types of fits, silicone, rubber and flexible sponge.

I am sorry to say that these Bose headphones are overpriced and overhyped. You can get a lot cheaper noise cancelling headphones from companies like Sony.

Personally I much prefer the Etymotic earphones. I even had a $500 Shure earphones and Etymotic ones are better. Even the lowest end Etymotic Research ER6i works very well and it costs less than a third than any Bose QuietComfort.

(Note: I have no affiliations with any company in this post. I like to talk about good products and I like to talk about not so good products. I want to help people make more informative decisions when they buy a product)